Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds everyone in good health and good spirits.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I love to read and I think everyone should always be reading two books, one for fun and one for improvement of some sort. Today I will share with you what I am reading, or just finished reading, or want to read....

Oh, this doesn't include daily Bible reading, of course. I would like to read the Old Testament this year beginning with Ezra...don't ask! I'm a little slow, so it took me all of 2012 to read the New Testament.

Just finished:
Agenda 21 by Glen Beck
Chosen by God (revised and updated) by RC Sproul

In the middle of:
The Vanishing Conscience by John MacArthur
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
Understanding How Others Misunderstand You by Ken Voges & Ron Braund (I borrowed this one from a friend so I better get a move on finishing this great book)
A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling
Code of the Samurai by Thomas Cleary (strange choice for me, but quite interesting)

Fixing to start:
A Love that Multiplies by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar
Survivors by James Wesley, Rawles (a little nervous about this one... I'll have to see)

I am also determined (!!!) to learn Spanish fairly well this year using Rosetta Stone. I have always wanted to be fluent, and this year I would like to make it a priority. I took advantage of their end of year sale and purchased all 5 levels (thank you husband!).  Desearme suerte ;)

Be joyful always!