Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Do You Write?

Preparing to share a few lines in this blog is like walking into a room that's been closed up for months - I turn on a light, brush a few cob webs out of the way, blow the dust off a book or two, maybe even uncover furniture that has gone unused. I have been buried in "life" since November, it seems (the time of my last post). As I must re-enter this place slowly, this will be short. But, at least I'm writing ;) 

The following is an excerpt from a Blue Ridge Writers Conference update that I receive. I thought it too good not to share. It addresses the flurry of verbiage in the writing community - what do you write? Do you have another job? Are you published? Fiction or non-fiction? Professional or amateur? Etc..... In any case, I really liked the simplicity of this.

Also, because I am technologically impaired, I have no idea why my blog looks like it does. All those white spaces come up when when I preview it. Looks like I'll be calling for back-up very soon. you know who you are, lol!

 We do not become writers because we get paid for it. We are writers because we put words on a page. Every “successful” writer was once an amateur. Dean Koontz taught school, as did Stephen King; Jack Cavanaugh was a pastor; Grisham practiced law. On my shelf are books written by airline pilots, ER doctors, insurance brokers, housewives, nurses, engineers, and just about every other profession.
Publication has always been my goal, but it’s not the only goal. Writing has its own rewards and those rewards are unique to every wordsmith. Fiction writers know what it’s like to live in a world of their own creation; nonfiction writers know what it means to communicate information that might otherwise languish in the backwaters of ignorance.
Amateur or professional a writer is one who writes. Period.
Be blessed!