Friday, December 14, 2012

Maggie Memories...

As I mentioned earlier, I am a writer, but I am in no way a poet! So do not hold me to any poetic standard as you read the following "poem" I wrote to be read at my mom's memorial service in 2007. It just came to me (which is weird, because poetry NEVER just comes to me) in a time of intense grief and I felt compelled to jot it down. I know my grammar is even lacking in this piece... sorry :)  My mom was incredibly generous with her time and meager resources. She was always there when we (my brother, sister or I) needed her and she loved her 11 grandbabies dearly.

If there was a meal to be cooked
A baby being born
A need to be filled
She was there...
If there was a house needing cleaned
A toilet needing scrubbed
A wall needing paint
She was there...
If encouragement was needed
If a hurt needed healing
If a story needed to be heard
She was there...
Her heart was filled with compassion and mercy for others.
If you had the pleasure of knowing her, you were truly blessed.
Go forth and be a blessing in honor of her memory.

Be well. Live well.