Monday, November 11, 2013

A little bit of bragging on the Pride and Prejudice cast...

ABC Drama has just completed it's 6th production, and it was fantastic! We are so incredibly proud of all the young people who worked so hard to get everything just right. They entertained and blessed their audiences both nights by pouring their hearts into their roles and offering it all up to the Lord!! 

I am happy to use this blog to brag on them!  :)

Here are just a few pictures. I will post more when I am fully recovered from the crazy pre-play week :)

The fabulous cast of Pride and Prejudice

 Our wonderful director, Cathy Heckendorn

Our lovely co-director, Rebecca Heckendorn with our most excellent props gal, Kathy Kuehn 

Luke Drennan and Jordan Cogburn..."Is it hot in here??"

 The cast is falling.....

 Props by Kathy and Jeanne

Lovelies!! Rachelle Raymond as Jane and Sarah Heckendorn as Miss Elizabeth (Did you know she memorized 296 lines??) Think of all the brain space she will have available now that the play is over ;)

Mr. Darcy (Daniel Kuehn) and Mr. Bingley (Caleb Heckendorn)

Sarah Jungling as Miss Charlotte with KK Silva as Mary Bennet

Oh Miss Caroline Bingley, to see you smile... (Lydia Raymond)

And there you have it! A lovely smile :)

Even in his free time, he is a ham.
 Luke Drennan (Mr. William Collins), dramatically eating a snack

Again, Miss Eliza..... Sarah Heckendorn

Here is a link to the article I wrote in the Independent about ABC Drama.