Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pride and Contentment

Yes, it's true. 2 posts in one day!  I want to share a couple of thoughts on pride and contentment. Scripture says that God hates pride. When listing the 7 things God hates, pride is actually mentioned twice. So, obviously believers should not take that lightly. God knew we would struggle with pride - it is not a surprise to Him. In a commentary on Psalms in my NIV Study Bible, this is said about pride:

"Pride results from overvaluing ourselves and undervaluing others. It leads to restlessness because it makes us dissatisfied with what we have and concerned about what everyone else is doing." A dear friend used to always say, "comparison kills contentment." How can I focus on what God has for me to do, if I'm looking around at everyone one else wondering why they have it so good. That says, "I deserve better," which actually means, "God, you don't know what You're doing...I need fill in the blank and You're not giving it to me." Pride and discontentment!

In Psalm 131, David says, "Quiet trust in God is the basis for my contentment." He goes on to say, "But I have stilled and quieted my soul..." I love that! David, a king and mighty warrior "stills" and "quiets".  It made me reflect on the busyness of my life. Even if I'm not running around to 150 places, my thoughts are often racing, preventing me from being still and quiet. We need to consciously do that so we can hear God and focus on the right thing.

 I resolved to stop complaining and comparing (it's a work in progress) and even asked for accountability within my family - ouch! My oldest son gently reminded me on Sunday that I was having a spirit of discontent as I was talking about all the changes I wanted to make to our home and property. He recognized that it had gone beyond, "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to do this or that?" to an attitude of, "I can't be happy unless this or that is changed." Thanks son! I needed that.

Be blessed, bless others and live well!