Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Big Five-Oh!

As promised, but much delayed, the brief chronicles of my 50th birthday....Dant, dant, daahhhh...

I still have a hard time believing that I turned 50 this year. The number just seems so old. It is a half century after all. My friends have been turning 50 for a couple of years now (and some are approaching the mark...eh hem!) and I have been completely unaffected by it because they all seem so young and vibrant. And I suppose, to a large degree, I feel the same way. A quick run down of my years ending in zero:

10: I cannot remember
20: Married my high school sweetheart and love of my life
30: Gave birth to my second child and was an emotional wreck (not because of the child though ;))
40: Health issues cropped up and hung around for a while
50: In the best shape of my life thus far, spiritually, emotionally and physically - Praise the Lord!

I have a few more wrinkles and gray hairs, but that's ok. This tent is temporary anyway, right? Someone remind me of that when I'm 60, ok?

My week long celebration began on Friday, July 19th when a friend, who was coming for lunch and conversation, brought a birthday cake along as well. Such a sweet surprise!

On Sunday, July 21st, My dear husband, with family help, threw me a surprise family birthday party. I hadn't had a surprise birthday party since my sweet 16 :) He took me to Calibers while the family gathered at our house in a torrential rain storm to prepare for the party. I felt so blessed that he took the time to arrange that for me.


Then it happened..... The Keurig!!

I know I asked for it specifically - leaving out the store ad and a coupon (of course) - but still... I was pretty stoked! Let me just say... it is fabulous! If I have to explain further, you are not a coffee addict. And that is ok, it brews tea as well - not like that's the same thing, but I'm just sayin' ;)

On July 22nd, my actual birthday, I started the day with a funeral, which was so sad, but I was thankful that the man was honored by the many who attended the service, and that his wife was blessed by the testimonies of many who knew him and attested to his fine character and work ethic. He will be sorely missed.

My first gift of the day was an impromptu coffee meeting with my dear friend, Marla.

Next, I met my daughter, Kaitlyn, for a birthday pedicure (only the 2nd one in my whole life!).

Kaitlyn and I went on to do some shopping at Marshalls, where I ran into another other dear friend, Shelly. She was there shopping with her daughter.

That evening, the "festivities" continued at Chile's. When you have adult children, it's an extra special treat to be able to have everyone meet for a dinner. Kaitlyn's husband, Matt, was working so he could not join us.

At 50, we really know how ti live it up, so we topped the evening off with a trip to Lowe's to buy a dryer. Woo-hoo!!!

These beautiful flowers were from my sweet Luke :)

Finally, on July 29th, "God's Quad Squad" was able to gather and celebrate my birthday. 3/4 of us are now 50. The young one (40) keeps us on our toes and helps us with remembering things, seeing things (so we don't have to hunt for our glasses), and learning new things. I won't tell you who she is because we all look so young, right? ;)  I'll keep you guessing...

I have to add one thing.... My dear friends, The Heckendorns, greeted me (at the door) at drama auditions with hugs and lovely gifts and offers, in LOUD voices, to help me to my seat.... offering an arm to hold on to, etc. They keep me laughing and I love them!

I feel blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful family and friends (old and new) surrounding me. I am humbled by the treasures God has given me. I am so thankful, really!

God's richest blessings to you all!

Live well. Be well. Love abundantly.